Audio FAQ

Streaming Video/Audio FAQ

What is streaming video or audio?
Streaming video or audio is video (as on television) or sound (as on the radio) delivered over the Internet via a modem or broadband connection.

Why is it called “streaming”?
It’s called “streaming” because the sound and picture data flow in a digital stream from a server computer to your computer, ready to hear or view in real time, without having to download all of the content before you can enjoy it. It comes to you in a stream of digital bits… hence the term “streaming.”

What kinds of streaming audio or video are there?
here are 4 main streaming media companies (with their media streams):

    * Real Networks (with RealMedia, RealVideo and RealAudio)
    * Microsoft (with Windows Media – audio and video)
    * Apple (with QuickTime)
    * Nullsoft Streaming Video (.nsv) and Shoutcast, IceCast (GNU GPL/Open Source version of Shoutcast), Live365 streaming audio
The first three provide streaming media players for the Mac and Windows platforms. All four provide “basic” free players. Some of them also have optional “plus” players that offer extra features – at extra cost.

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